The Idea
Slow, Incremental Progress
Why Incremental works when "Todo-List" doesn't?
When you’re making a to-do list, you can’t always trust your future self to see it as you see it now. In other words, you might not feel like following the plans that you set for yourself later on down the line.

Instead of asking your future self to follow your commands, ask your current self something different: what can I do right now to make some small progress?
How does it work?
The Timeline
Work on one small task in the moment as though nothing else matters. Once done, add it to your timeline to keep track of your task. At this point, it’s under your belt now. Then repeat.
For later..
When working on the current task, you'll get thoughts and ideas about what you should be doing instead. Simply capture them as they come into your mind, and then get back to the task at hand.
Progress, not perfection
Don't quit by tracking progress
How many times have you started something, but quit after some time? What you didn't realize, however, was that when you stopped, you were further ahead than you thought!. Always be aware of how far you have come from where you started. Let the progress you have made be the backbone to prevent you from breaking.
To beat procrastination,
Aim high Low. Start small.
Any meaningful goal is challenging, and your instinct will be to procrastinate. The trick is to get started. Focus on the one small step that you can do to make a little progress. This doesn’t mean you have to dive right in – in fact, it doesn’t even mean that the small step has to be a significant one. Any progress is good progress. Just one little step goes a long way.
The task at hand is all that matters
Sure, you have a million things to do, but what's one thing you can do right now? Work on that. Don't worry about the job being too insignificant or straightforward. Life is more enjoyable when you don't worry about too many things at the same time.